Living With Art of Your Family

Living With Art of Your Family

What would you enjoy looking at the most each day? A painted still life? An abstract watercolor? A collection of modern graphics? Or art that depicts your unique family and your connection?

For me, and my clients, we choose the last one.

Why? Because looking at art of your family makes everyone happy. The images remind us of fun times, of hugs, laughs, and days gone by. Time goes quickly with kids. We want to remember everything, and portraits help us do just that. Portraits remind kids that they have a family where they belong....they see our portaits daily. And, they know someone loved them enough to hang these portraits on the wall.

heirloom family portrait albums

heirloom family portrait albums

We created this stunning charcoal linen 12x12 album for a new client to showcase their family studio portrait session. WIth 20 pages printed on gorgeous Fuji Crystal Archive paper (about aas far away as giclee/ink-jet printing you can get). These albums are meant to enjoy, collect, and treasure for generations to come. What family or grandparent would not love one of these for the holidays? 

Now Booking: Palm Beach Holiday Sessions

Now Booking: Palm Beach Holiday Sessions

Palm Beach holiday photo sessions for children and families with Lena Hyde Photography.

anytime Florida portrait sessions

anytime Florida portrait sessions

Need a portrait session asap? Our associate photographer, Courtney had been working with Lena for 5+ years and is available year round to capture new babies, family portraits, and even unique images for your business. Please use our session request form to inquire about working with Courtney.

New portrait studio in downtown Lake Oswego

New portrait studio in downtown Lake Oswego

I am super excited to give you a peek into our new studio space, which is just a few minutes south of Portland, in the adorable downtown village of Lake Oswego. This space is full of light, with plenty of room for shooting and meeting to review portraits, wall galleries and albums. 

If you are interested in studio portraits, for newborns, babies, children, families, or even teens....shoot us an email. We would be happy to tell you more about the Lena Hyde Photography experience!

Alaska trip

Alaska trip

This is becomming an annual thing and I am totally fine with that! Seven nights on the Celebrity Solstice from Seattle to Alaska, we visited Ketchikan, Juneau, Misty Fjords, the Inside Passage, and Skagway. 

Lots of adventures, a little relaxation and a bunch of memories created. Where are you heading this summer? Remember to capture it in photos and print and enjoy them! 

we're on kickstarter!

What is AGLOW?

Creatives thrive on community and community thrives with creatives. At my company Design Aglow, we've always known it was our mission to help foster community for photographers and creatives alike.

Ten years ago, we started with a digital magazine, with the simple goal of bringing creatives together by discovering and sharing new talent, inspiring our readers, and giving sound business advice.

Over the years, our brand evolved by providing business tools and resources to help thousands of photographers reach a higher level of success.

Now, ten years after our launch, Design Aglow has come full circle. Our community has grown to include photographers, filmmakers, writers, designers, bloggers and more. The creative industry is exploding with new talent, fresh opportunities and unlimited inspiration, and that's why we've created AGLOW magazine... to support this growing creative community.

Our original magazine was digital, but we are excited to take AGLOW one step further and offer it in a beautiful printed format. In this digital age, we need to remember that tangible, printed items matter. Our goal with AGLOW is to create a coffee table magazine that can be kept for years to come and help foster conversation and connection.

AGLOW will tell the stories of creatives who are thriving, who are making it on passion and innovation and hard work, who are changing the face of this industry every day.

We are excited to share studio tours, artistic work/life balance, inspired success stories, visual travel guides, creative living, blogging resources, fresh business ideas, creative community building, original education and so much more in AGLOW magazine, a quarterly publication devoted to the creative entrepreneur.

AGLOW explores the limitless possibilities of creative business and the fresh ideas of today’s doers and makers. We offer an escape from the daily routine in the form of a stunning keepsake publication full of inspiring features, beautiful layouts, uplifting stories, fresh perspectives, and real people that you will love to get to know.

What's inside?

Inside Real Studios: Go inside studios that are setting the bar 

Create: Our Inspired DIY project 

In the Biz: The Successful Creative: How to flourish as a doer & maker

Caught our Eye: Today's most Innovative, Fresh Talent and their stories

Choice Words: Straight-Up Business Talk 

Live & Learn: Mini Creative Workshops with Notable Teachers

Life/Style: Personal Projects for Fueling Creativity 

In My Bag: The Tools of the Trade

Inspired Travels: Artsy Adventures on the Road 

Blog About It: Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets for Success 

Creative Community: Projects that build up our community

Free Gift in each issue

......and so much more!

You can see our Kickstarter video here, and then subscribe to AGLOW here. I think you'll love it!

the reviews are in!

the reviews are in!

My two books are selling well on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere! I love that these guides are helping photographers around the world, and parents who want to take better photos of their own families too. Here are some of my favorite reviews from readers:

"Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography has the presence of a stunning coffee table book with the punch of an amazing business resource. The author Lena Hyde is a friend and needs no introduction - her portrait business reached celebrity status years ago and her premier online site Design Aglow sets the bar for quality and impact in the photography industry." ~Zach Prez

"Just received my book yesterday and am eating up the images and the guidance! Great for beginning photographers as well as seasoned photographers who need some new inspiration! Lena is the best of the best with a down to earth style. This book makes you feel that and want to BE that!" ~Julee Q.

"I was hesitant to buy yet another photography book (I have several) but I have such a high respect for Lena Hyde in the photography community I could not pass this up. I was not disappointed!! I have been a photographer for over 4 years and this book has such a refreshing view on posing and so much more. This book will stay on my coffee table and probably in my car on the way to shoots:) and not in a drawer or my shelf." ~Angie


"It's been a long time since I picked up a photo posing guide book that has actually inspired me to go out and take photographs. Thank you for rejuvenating my interest again." ~CW


"A beautiful collection of fresh, modern portraits, this book is an inspiring guide for both new photographers and those seeking to update their posing repertoire. I especially like that the style of the images overall is varied, but none feel 'tired', as many of the child and family images I've seen recently tend to feel. If you're looking to add a shot of a modern lifestyle aesthetic to your portrait business, or if you want to start a new business off on the right foot, I'd highly recommend checking out this book. Well done, Lena Hyde (and contributors)!" ~Em Pogo

If you want to see more, check them out on Amazon!